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Post Brexit: ‘State Aid’ remains a sticking point for EU-UK negotiations as UK ‘hardens’ its ‘red-line’

Neither the UK nor EU has been willing to compromise and yield ground on their ‘red-line’ on ‘state aid’ policy during negotiations on the future relationship between them.  The EU wants any ‘deal’ to include commitments on state aid as part of a set of ‘level playing field’ provisions.  This would ensure ‘fair competition’ between […]

Post Brexit: Northern Ireland remains under EU regulations for prescription drugs – ‘GB’ medicines may not be dispensed

According to a Parliamentary briefing: “approximately 98% of the medicines used in Northern Ireland are imported either from or via Great Britain, often originating in the EU.” From 1 January 2021, the EU laws and regulations regarding: ‘medicinal products’ – known as the ‘Falsified Medicines Directive’ will apply in Northern Ireland but not in Great […]

Post Brexit: UK stands alone as EU strengthens its defence cooperation and capabilities pact – PESCO

As part of a wider package of defence measures intended to strengthen European defence cooperation and capabilities development, on 5 November 2020 the EU established the rules for ‘third state’ participation. 25 EU Member States are signed up to the EU ‘Permanent Structured Cooperation’ – PESCO.  Of the 47 PESCO capability projects, 38 are aligned […]

Post Brexit: Products sold in Britain need a new UK ‘kitemark’ – as ‘CE’ will no longer be recognised

A statutory instrument was formally approved by Parliament on 17 November 2020.  It aims to: “Ensure that products [are] safe, compliant and accurate to use and would not cause harm to consumers, workers and others.  It also ensure[s] that products identified as unsafe or non-compliant could be removed from the market.” It comes into force […]

Post Brexit: National security and policing concerns raised by crime-fighting agencies to Parliament

  Parliament’s ‘Home Affairs Committee’ is a cross-party committee of MPs responsible for scrutinising the work of the Home Office and its associated bodies.  It examines government policy, spending and the law in such areas as immigration, security and policing. Written evidence to the Committee from both the ‘National Police Chiefs’ Council’ and the ‘National […]