I am a change and program manager with more than 30 years unbroken track record of successful delivery of challenging business and IT driven programs and projects in the UK and

I have an open and inclusive leadership style, combined with excellent analytical and communication skills.

My varied line management experience and interests combined in the late 1990’s to allow me to become an authority on Corporate Performance Management solutions and implementations.

My focus is always on achieving my clients’ goals which I aim to deliver through coaching and guidance. In this way I leave a legacy of knowledge and experience to continue to improve performance long after my own contribution has ended.

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– Key Capabilities

– Specialist Knowledge and Expertise

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– Personal Details

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Business Consultant:  Over 30 years of implementing change – in house and latterly as an external consultant. Responsible for successful delivery of complex programmes, coaching and skills transfer. I am a recognised authority in Corporate Performance Management and Organisational Alignment integrating: strategy setting, business planning, budget, risk management, performance review and Balanced Scorecards.

I have managed and successfully delivered programmes in the fields of Performance Management, E-Commerce, Logistics, Mergers, Divestments and ICT design and upgrades.
I have recently undertaken rigorous outsourcing ICT Governance and Risk Reviews in the Banking and public sectors (Private Finance Initiatives).

Programme Manager:  Successful delivery of a number of large and complex business-driven and ICT programmes in private and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas. I have applied programme management and agile methodologies on multi-site, multi-national challenging FMCG, Finance and Government environments. I have managed programme budgets in excess of €50 million and multi-discipline teams of up to 60 professional staff comprising; product management, finance, logistics, ICT and external consultancies. I was party to developing technology-based innovation including Barcodes, Electronic Data Interchange, e-Commerce and Broadband. I co-developed an approach to Corporate Performance management and coached Senior Management and Board Directors in its implementation with significant and demonstrable increase in company value and Economic Profit Realised.

Line Manager:  I have experience as a line manager in Process Management, Human Resources, Product Management, Management Services and ICT. My teams included programme managers and consultants in multiple locations and across multiple disciplines. Business improvement areas addressed spanned Quality Process improvement and certification, Logistics and Warehousing, CRM, Sales and Operations Planning, e-Commerce and sales process automation, ICT projects, divestments, ICT outsourcing and a global “value creation” programme.
All roles included significant elements of business and culture change – which led to my appointment as a Senior Programme Manager for Philips based in their Amsterdam HQ but with a global remit.
I was ultimately the owner of the Global Strategy and Business Planning process, Strategy Setting and Performance Reporting and Management via Balanced Scorecards.

Key Capabilities

–  Strategic Programme and Project Management

–  Risk, Governance and Controls in ICT outsourcing, public and banking sectors

–  Business Transformation and Organisational Change

–  Leadership and People Management

–  Organisation Development

–  Process and Quality Management

Specialist Knowledge & Expertise

–  Communication and Culture Change

–  Excellent analytical skills supported by good interpersonal and clear written communications.

–  Significant experience in managing and motivating teams (including consultants, staff and 3rd parties).

–  My people skills have underpinned culture change in organisations across the UK and globally.

–  I am an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor and aims to transfer knowledge and experience in client organisations as an embedded legacy of time spent working together.

–  Project and Programme Management.  A Project, Programme and Change Management Practitioner with over 30 years experience with an excellent knowledge of project management methodology and its practical application in a wide range of business situations. My analytical and programme management skills meant that I have been invited to support and manage complex and sensitive projects and undertaken audits and risk assessments on multi-million programmes in private and public sector organisations accompanied by remedial recommendations.

–  Corporate Performance Management.  I co-developed a practical way of implementing Value Driver Management and over 2 years implemented and coached teams in its use and application. The outcomes are often recorded as Balanced Scorecards for Performance Review and Management. The process integrates strategy, business planning, budgeting, risk and audit.  Since then over 100 teams in private and public sector organisations have adopted and use this approach.

–  Technology Based product and process change and management.  Over many years I have held line management and consulting roles using technology drivers: Office Automation,
EDI, e-Commerce, Salesforce Automation, CRM, ERP and Data Warehouse implementations.

–  In the business consulting role a range a Performance Management solutions. In the strategy setting role, Broadband, MP3, Bluetooth and DVD.

–  I have chaired a pan-European user groups for ERP and euro changeover programmes for industry and the European Central Bank.

–  EFQM, Process and People Management.  I have practical experience of implementing process improvement and leading the certification process for organisations from the early days of ISO9002, through the Total Quality Management and the European Foundation for Quality Management and Investors in People models and awards.

–  My experience of process engineering combined with 11 years in HR to give the breadth needed to deliver
lasting change. I have coached staff and supported training programmes in Project and Programme Management, Management of Groups, Presentation Skills, Balanced Scorecards, Testing Techniques, and ICT solutions based on Cognos, Progress, Actuate and Microsoft products.

–  Outsourcing, Divestment, Mergers and Acquisitions.  The combination of HR and process skills meant that I was asked to play the UK lead role in the establishment of Origin
formed from the outsourcing of 2300 Philips ICT staff. Some years later I was the programme manager for the divestment of Philips Car Systems to Mannesmann (Germany) – valued at
2.4bn. In-depth ICT and process knowledge applied to Risk & Governance in Banking IT outsourcing.

Client Industry Experience

–  Banking: Tesco Bank

–  Central Government: HMRC, Natural England, S. Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

–  Local Government: Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire – County Councils.  Ealing, Lambeth, Castle Point – Borough Councils.  N.E. Lincolnshire, Doncaster, Somerset – Metropolitan BCs

–  FMCG: Philips Electronics, Pye Group

–  Supply Chain: Nedlloyd

–  Defence Electronics: MEL-Thomson-Thales

–  ICT: ISA, Atos-Origin, IBM, Actuate, InPhase, Steria

–  Consulting: PA Consulting, Navigant Consulting

–  Finance: Legal & General, O2 Money

–  Social and Charity: Barnardo’s, Futures for Children

–  Training: Unicom, Learning Light, CIPFA, European Commission (ECB)


–  Diploma in Business Studies (Corporate);  IWSOM (Corporate);  CIPD

Personal Details

–  Worked throughout the UK and overseas on long and short term assignments. Netherlands based for a number of years with multiple EU and global programmes role.

–  Citizenship: UK Driving
–  Licence: UK Full

–  Marital Status: Married Languages:
–  Languages:  English (native); Dutch (Business)

Employment History

2000 – Date: Europartnership Business Consulting

Sample change and performance management programmes:
–  Navigant Consulting: Risk, Governance & Controls – outsourced ICT in major Bank,

–  Natural England: Enterprise Performance Management solution

–  South Yorkshire PTE: Enterprise Performance Management solution and programme

–  Lincolnshire County Council: Performance Improvement and change programmes for: the Council Executive; Corporate Management Team; Social Services; Fire and Rescue; Corporate Legal Services; Highways and Environment.

–  Steria: Programme risk assessment ‘Norwich Connect’ (£47m ICT outsource for 15 years as a PFI).

–  Lancashire County Council: Multiple Performance Driven Management programmes

–  Legal & General: Strategic programme advisor for high impact business and IT change programme

–  PA Consulting: Senior programme advisor to Inland Revenue major change programme (1 year scoping phase with project budget £10m).

1994 – 2000: Philips Electronics, Amsterdam Strategic Programme Manager

Sample change and performance management programmes

–  Co-developed and implemented Value Driver Management. Owned and facilitated strategy and business planning process. 22 Businesses
in 7 Directorates, totalling €10bn of global revenue. Integrated process with Budget, Business Balanced Scorecards and Total Quality Management.

–  Programme Managed harmonisation of Sales and Operations Planning for 7 business directorates and 15 national organisations, totalling €3bn annual revenue.

–  Business process improvements to European Supply Chain Management and Information Systems (reduced 27 National warehouses to 3 European regional distribution centres and single back office).

–  Programme Managed divestment of Phillips Car Systems to Mannesmann as a going concern (transfer price €2.4bn). Scope included every aspect of business and people in 80 countries.

–  Programme managed the Worldwide introduction of EMU and the euro. This was a business led change management process. 500 IT systems in 40 locations.  Programme budget was €25million over 14 months.

–  European Data Warehouse and “Management Cockpit” using Balanced Scorecards

–  Co-developed MITP with IBM and Track 4 (a project and programme management methodology).

1989 – 1994: Philips UK Management Services and IT Manager,

Sample change programmes delivered:

–  Outsourcing all ICT and associated personnel to Origin (now Atos-Origin);

–  Major upgrade of technical infrastructure and desktop PCs and office automation;

–  Implementation of comprehensive ERP solution and Business Data Warehouse (European pilot);

–  Support for all aspects of later European national implementations – 6 in total;

–  Replaced UK spare parts activity (1100 staff) with an IT technology solution (overnight delivery from European Distribution Centre) – closed the Philips Service UK organisation;

–  Pioneered and implemented customer call centre for after sales support;

–  Pioneered and implemented sales force automation (pilot for Philips Europe).

1986 – 1989: Philips Service, Waddon Management Services Manager

1983 – 1986: Information Systems, Croydon Product and Commercial Manager

1982 – 1983: Information Systems, Croydon Senior Personnel Officer

1980 – 1982: Philips UK, London Group Industrial Relations Advisor,

1978 – 1980: MEL, Crawley Personnel Officer,

1975 – 1978: Pye, Lowestoft Industrial Relations Officer,

1970 – 1975: Pye, Lowestoft Industrial Engineer


“This is just a short note to express my thanks for the support that you provided. John, your wise counsel, guidance and rigorous challenge when required were much appreciated…and helped to bring the programme to a successful conclusion. A number of significant improvements resulted which will provide a strong foundation for further scaling and expansion of this innovative product.

I’d also like to say what a pleasure it is to work with you John, and I know this view is shared by my colleagues, and in particular the team members, who both valued and benefitted from your subtle coaching and mentoring and undoubted knowledge, experience and expertise.” John Corney, Company Secretary and Board Member, O2 Money (a Telefonica Global Company)

Thank you, John – this is a seminal moment in the history of Natural England. This is the transparency that I needed.” Helen Phillips, CEO, Natural England

“It has been a delight to work with John Shuttleworth on a project that has greatly benefited Natural England and me personally”. Bob Middleton, Project Manager, CPMS

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive has made a transition to an aligned, performance driven, culture. They are set fair for the migration to a true performance culture“. Dawn Madin, Executive Project Sponsor, SYPTE

“The programme has been a vitally important aid to us in concentrating our minds to the urgency and enormity of our task. From a personal point of view, it has given me more clarity of the timetable I need to follow to achieve our objectives and some of the pitfalls along the way.” William Webb, Executive Member, Lincolnshire County Council

We began our programme with a technical report showing us what we had to do but we didn’t have a framework for working out how and where we should implement it. With John we were able to develop that framework and so evaluate our options systematically and objectively. This way we could work through the difficult decisions with councillors and our Partners. We now have a formally adopted plan and everyone knows their place in helping to deliver it.” Richard Wills, Director for Development, Lincolnshire County Council

“John helped us with the change process in our ambition to become a ‘can-do’ Authority, as opposed to one that always has reasons why it can’t do something. I was extremely pleased with the positive affects on my staff and their work.” Barry Rollinson, CEO, Castle Point Borough Council

The programme has made people identify the indicators which are most valuable to the delivery of their service. It’s widened their understanding and knowledge, as well as dramatically improving their overall team work. People are really starting to take ownership of their roles and the resulting service levels.” John Hunter, Head of Strategic Policy and Performance at Castle Point Borough Council.

“By the end of the programme, the teams had reached clear vision as to what and more importantly, how, the PSA targets were to be achieved.” Judith Moore, Corporate Best Value Manager, Lancashire County Council

The message is clear; our strategy is clear; we will focus on the highest priority issues and once they have been tackled, we deploy the others in order. We have quite simply set the management team agenda for the coming year.” Mike Mastrianis, CEO Philips Audio

“We have a shared understanding to a level we have not seen before. Some very difficult issues have been dealt with on a facts based, objective way. I feel that the collective ownership and commitment to the strategy gives us the best possible chance to make it happen.” Wiebo Vaartjes, CEO Philips Speaker Systems

We have been able to use this maturity to calmly and professionally work step by step through the issues facing the business. Understanding and insight has led us to transition scenarios and a future in which we can have a lot of confidence.” Bernard Chytra, CEO Philips Consumer Media Players

Formal Business Partnerships and Associates

–  Unicom Learning (India)

–  Advanced Performance Institute

–  Navigant Consulting

–  Actuate Software and Solutions

Training Courses Delivered

–  Learning Light: a business support company sharing best practice to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in the UK.

–  Open webinars, seminars together with a Performance Management / BSC case study (outsourced delivery of Transport Services across 4 UK cities)

–  Unicom UK: training services provider.  Presenter of theory and case studies at a number of Performance Management conferences.  Presenter of Balanced Scorecards and KPI and Data Analytics Master Classes in conjunction with the Advanced Performance Institute

–  Actuate: Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard) software solution provider.  Theory and approach and software configuration and implementation skills training

–  PerformancePlus: Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard) software solution provider.  Theory and approach and software configuration and implementation skills training.  On-site customer specific training in Central Government, Local Government, Industry and Commerce (more than 20 clients).  Open courses for multiple customers.

–  Philips Electronics: Global Consumer and Professional Electronics. Training and support delivered to specific teams – or on open courses as a member of the Group Training panel: Performance Driven Management (5 day workshop); Programme Management (2 days);  Scenario Based Business Planning (1/2 day); Facilitation Skills (1/2 day); Managing Change (2 day workshop); Sales and Operations Planning (3 day workshop); Total Quality Management (2 Day workshop); Problem Solving (2 day workshop); Presentation Skills (2 day workshop)

Papers, Presentations and Innovation

–  Key Note Presentations European Central Bank: Business Preparation for transition to the Euro: Bonn (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark), London (UK), Boston (USA), Toronto (Canada), Dublin (Ireland).

–  DEC: Electronic Data Interchange Summit: Munich (Germany), London (UK), Paris (France)

White Papers and Articles (current)

–  Performance Driven Management – a practical approach and methodology for Performance Improvement in Public Sector Organisations

–  Srategic Conversations – a practical approach and methodology for Performance Improvement in Private Sector Organisations

–  Performance Management Prerogative

–  Linking Strategy & Planning to Budgets

–  Beyond the Budget

–  Improving Corporate Governance

–  Enterprise Performance Management

–  Scenario Based Models

–  Avoiding pitfalls when implementing SAP-SSM

–  Successful Implementation of SAP Enterprise Performance Management


–  Co-developed a practical approach and methodology for Strategy setting, Business Planning and mapping onto Balanced Scorecards, “Value Driven Management” with Theodore Moser (Mercer Management Consulting). Our approach was incorporated and published by Professor Adrian Slywotzky as “Value Migration” [Harvard Business School Press / Times Publications].

–  As a strategy facilitator, I brought together disparate 2 teams and led them through a scenario modelling process which led to a concept of ADSL / VOIP for general use, known today as “Broadband”.

–  As a member of the 6 strong working party for the Article Numbering Association, I was instrumental in developing the concept, operating rules and technical specifications for a number of technical innovations that have come into general use: These included Electronic Data Interchange standards (now known as APIs) included a full set addressing ordering, invoicing, shipping advice, payments advice. Later, we developed the specification for the European Article Number system (EAN).

–  I was a “pathfinder” programme manager for the early adoption of ERP, Data Warehousing, Sales Force Automation.  In each case I trained and supported multiple following implementations across Europe.

–  I co-developed a programme management methodology with Pete Dunstan (of IBM) and Sylvana Bouwens (of Level 3) which was implemented throughout both Philips and IBM. This methodology was made an open standard and adopted by UK Government OGC and evolved into PRINCE2.

–  As product manager for office automation, I chaired the planning and specification workshops for a software solution – which we know today as “e-mail”.  As this evolved over 2 years, I led the specification development for exchange standards between mail hosts (this was made an open standard and is known today as Microsoft Exchange).