Covid-19 is changing the way we live, behave and work.  Europartnership will be making freely available a series of guides and checklists as the situation unfolds.

Our aim is to equip organisations – wherever they are in our global village of a World – to survive the immediate economic and trading shock.  We dare to hope that as we come through the uncertainty. we can follow up with a series on how to thrive in the global future – whatever that proves to be.

Please feel free to contact us for any further support – or to suggest topics that you need to address – and we will use our experience of coaching business to try to find straight-forward ways to answer questions, to explain and guide.

1:  Basic Survival Guide and checklists:  Covid-19_BusinessSurvival_1_EP

2: Short-Term Financial Support for Business: Covid-19_EP2_Short-term-finance

3: Sales and Selling in the Coronavirus crisis: Covid-19_EP3-Selling_

4: Marketing during the Coronavirus crisis: Covid-19_EP4-Marketing

5: Leadership – maintaining motivation and building resilience: Covid-19_EP5-Leadership

6: Financial Support for Business – UPDATE 20 May 2020: Covid-19_EP6-Business_Support_Update