Welcome to the Europartnership website.

We are a specialist consultancy that works with clients to set and execute strategy through applied Program Management and Corporate Performance Management.

Europartnership coaches and supports clients to develop and apply skills, processes and tools that will deliver continuous improvement of performance. We are leaders in the implementation and use of the Balanced Scorecard.

In the private sector this means increasing value add, leading to demonstrable bottom line wealth creation.

In the public sector this means improving performance against expenditure, leading to sustainable best value delivery of services.

We support proven approaches, solutions, tools and techniques - each of which can be used in its own right, or integrated with others.

In every case, we identify closely with our customers. We enable and empower organisations through the use of structured tools and techniques. We develop their understanding of their operating environment and alignment of plans and actions with corporate strategy and goals.

Europartnership has an exemplary track record with clients that have successfully tackled the organisational, process and technological challenges of change and improvement.

We operate out of the South of England for the UK and Europe.


Trust and transparency underpin everything that we do and everything that we stand for.  We know that for organisations to deliver to their full potential, a facts-based and open management style is a pre-requisite.  When we work with like-minded teams, the results have been quite remarkable.

Some time after writing the above I was able to visit Gandhi's house in Mumbai between delivering training courses. It's truly inspirational - and then I came across one of the Mahatma's quotes: "I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust."