Europartnership aims to
engender awareness among its employees regarding efficient ways of working in
all its activities regarding consumption of energy and use of raw materials.

Europartnership aims to secure complete safety in the working lives of its employees and to avoid any negative human or environmental impact arising from activities of the company.

communicates its environmental principles to its employees, sub-contractors,
suppliers and customers. Sub-contractors are required to apply Europartnership’s
environmental principles.

Europartnership aims to
contribute towards creating a fair society when purchasing its raw materials and
designing its production processes.

Europartnership complies
with all environmental legal requirements and constantly evaluates the impact of
its production activities on the local community. The nature of our work as a
consultancy means that we do not inherently have a high environmental impact.
This will be kept under review on a regular basis and this policy will change to
reflect changing circumstances.

Europartnership will use
available technology and good practice to reduce our environmental impact to an
absolute minimum.

Europartnership approaches
environmental issues and use and disposal of materials in an efficient manner
following a principle of:

a) prevention
b) re-use

c) recycling

Europartnership constantly
seeks to improve its environmental performance. For instance, this policy is
written to comply with to the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) model
designed for Small and Medium Enterprises. It will be reviewed annually to
ensure its appropriateness.

John Shuttleworth
and on behalf of the Board of Directors
Europartnership UK Limited