Company Equal Opportunities Policy and Strategy

1. Introduction

1.1 This document sets out:

• Europartnership UK Limited policy statement
• Europartnership’s strategy
for achieving the policy aims

in the field of equal opportunity in council employment and service

1.2 Europartnership is committed to equal opportunities and in every aspects
of our work and influence. We will strive to achieve a sustainable and
demonstrable performance in this area.

1.3 Europartnership’s commitment to equal opportunities is a fundamental part
of the company’s Core Values:

• Continuous High Quality Delivery to our customers;
• Caring for our
stakeholders – the communities, families and individuals that we interact
• Valuing our Employees;
• Equality of Opportunity in every aspect
of our work;
• Sustainable environmental solutions.

2. Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

2.1 Every individual with whom we interact has the right to be treated with
dignity and respect. Europartnership recognises all forms of personal
discrimination including harassment and bullying as a serious matter. All
individuals have the right to have their concerns pursued with equal attention
and priority.

3. Scope

3.1 For the purposes of this document the statements apply to discrimination
against people on any unjustifiable grounds, including the following

• gender or marital status;
• racial or ethnic grouping;

• age;
• nationality;
• sexual orientation;
• gender
• religion or spiritual beliefs;
• responsibility for
• trades union activities;
• alternative lifestyles;

prior offences – where the offences committed are irrelevant;
• HIV status or
other irrelevant medical issues;
• illegitimacy.

3.2 “Direct discrimination” shall mean treating a person less favourable than
others are or would be treated in the same circumstances.

3.3 “Indirect discrimination” shall mean: applying in any circumstances a
requirement or condition, which, intentionally or not, has a disproportionately
and unjustifiably adverse effect on a particular group or individual.

4. Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

4.1 Europartnership is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in
employment, trading, training and delivery of our goods and services to

4.2 The aim of the policy is to ensure that no employee, potential employee,
customer, supplier or business partner receives less favourable treatment or is
disadvantaged by any form of direct or indirect discrimination. This applies to
every aspect of our business and contact that is made. Equally it applies to all
aspects of employment, including: conditions of service; recruitment; promotion;
training; and selection for redundancy.

4.3 Every employee has a personal responsibility for the practical
application of this policy in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues,
business partners and customers.

4.4 In the employment field, selection criteria and procedures will be
consistent with ensuring that individuals are selected, promoted, trained, and
in all respects treated solely on the basis of their relevant merits and

4.5 Overall responsibility for this policy rests with Directors and
ultimately the CEO.

4.6 The CEO will be responsible for the investigation of complaints.

John Shuttleworth
For and on behalf of the Board of
Europartnership UK Limited