Over the years Europartnership has trained many hundreds of client staff as part of the implementation of change and introduction of Strategy Execution.

We work with established solution providers, specialising in Strategy Execution and Corporate Performance Management.  Corporate Performance Management training ranges from a one-day Executive Masterclass to 5-day Bootcamp.

We coach individuals and teams.  Again, this has been in our own right as Europartnership, or in collaboration with established coaching and training companies.

We regularly present papers at conferences on technical and managerial topics in the UK, Europe, India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our portfolio for open and tailored in-house training.

  • Strategy Execution – Certified Performance Scorecard Owner  (1 day workshop or 1:1 discussion)
  • Strategy Execution – Certified Performance Scorecard and KPI Master  (2 day workshop)
  • Strategy Execution – Certified Performance Scorecard and KPI Practitioner  (5 day workshop).  Masters may upgrade joining for days 3-5
  • Strategy Execution – Certified Performance Driven Management  (5 day workshop)
  • Strategy Execution – Certified Scenario Based Business Planning (half-day)
  • Programme Management  (2 day workshop)
  • Facilitation Skills  (half-day)
  • Managing Change  (2 day workshop)
  • Sales and Operations Planning (3 day workshop)
  • Total Quality  Management (2 Day workshop)
  • Problem Solving  (2 day workshop)
  • Presentation Skills  (2 day workshop)


To discuss in-house or training tailored exactly to your client needs, use the Contact Us link in the menu bar.