The BIA enables our clients to understand the consequences of Brexit for the business and determine continuity requirements, risks, new business opportunities and priorities. Typically our BIA will identify:


  • Impact on customers, supply chain and overall ecosystem;
  • Impact on staff, business processes, facilities, technology and other critical resources;
  • Impact on statutory duties or regulatory requirements;
  • Impact on reputation;
  • Impact on financial viability;
  • Deterioration of product or service or service quality;
  • Impact on Intellectual property, knowledge and data;
  • Impact on stakeholder confidence and goodwill;
  • Political interest and comment.


We have developed a number of industry specific templates that take into account both sector and the trading characteristics of the organisation.


The results of the BIA inform the scenarios and responses that need to be considered; scoping and populating a Brexit response team; and the priority that Brexit demands as part of wider organisational strategy and business planning.