The orderly management of change is one the single most important pre-requisites for management teams today. Orderly change underpins achievement of vision and corporate goals.  This becomes an imperative during step changes such as:  mergers, acquisitions, de-mergers, entering new markets, reponding to regulatory requirements.

Successful change depends on identifying and responding to the factors that support or inhibit change.

Europartnership approach works through all levels in an organisation. We think of alignment in the form of a cascade:

– vision is defined by objectives and priorities
– objectives and priorities
– drive corporate planning
– corporate plan drives directorate plans, aligned with budgets and targets
– targets drive individual plans and accountabilities
– delivery of plans have measurable indicators
– indicators
– into measurement and monitoring scorecards
– scorecards into performance driven
– management

Measuring the influencing factors, and monitoring progress towards the targets gives management teams the information they need to steer the
organisation to its targets. We support the use of performance management techniques, including Balanced Scorecards.

Change to enable sustainable shifts happen when organisational behaviour changes and results follow. Initiating change means clear communication of what is required and what the anticipated outcomes are – for the organisation and the individual.

Resistance and barriers to change exist in every organisation. Adopting any ‘new’ approach means facing the issue and calls for a consistent and concerted effort from those driving the change.

Recognising that barriers exist, communication and ‘demonstration by doing’ will be vital.

Identifying with the participants and addressing their issues, concerns and fears needs to be an integral part of the introduction process and programme.

To discuss how we can assist with your change project or programme, using best practice experience, do not hesitate to contact us!