How the Performance Driven Management programme develops and improves Service Delivery in your organisation

We have developed a generic approach to strategy setting and planning with the use of our unique Performance Driven Management (PDM) programme.

The PDM process takes teams from ‘what’ they need to do into… ‘How’ they will achieve it.

The specific programme will work with the teams to:

build and document an integrated approach to planning leading to improvement in the service’s overall performance

increase understanding of the resource and financial consequences leasing to improved monitoring, cost and business control

The scope of the programme is to do this with short, medium and long term plans for the team.

The programme comprises a series of 3 workshops for a core team from your service and we advise invitations are made to members, partners and other relevant officers.

The programme, Performance Driven Management (PDM), is based on a facilitated strategy setting process and has been developed by Europartnership UK Ltd as an integral part of their Strategy Execution approach to moving to ‘continuous improvement’ ways of working.

Overview and Introduction to PDM

White Paper:  Strategic Conversations in Public Sector Organsiations

The shape of the PDM programme is outlined below. It is suggested that between 6 and 12 managers participate throughout the programme. The participants who make up the ‘teams’ should be drawn from your own departments, partner organisations, members and portfolio holders, and any relevant officers who have a contribution to the service delivery.

PDM Rainbow

The PDM programme was developed as a methodology for high level strategy setting in the private sector. In the past two years PDM has been used within a number of local authorities across the UK. The PDM process forms part of the Strategy Execution philosophy that assists organisation’s with a successful path to continual improvement.

Europartnership UK Ltd has been working with Local Authorities since 2002. We have run PDM programmes for Corporate Management Teams, Members, Corporate Performance Groups, Service and Departments Management Teams.

The PDM programme can be run as a taster session in a one day workshop. It can also be delivered in a ‘fast track’ timetable, however, a full PDM programme is delivered over 3 months.

Between the workshops there are be self study assignments for the team in preparation for the subsequent workshop.

An outline of the PDM programme can be downloaded here, and includes the timing and deliverables from the programme, and some outline costs to deliver a programme.